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Biologics by Design

Biologics by Design

DNA Plasmid Technology at its BEST

Revolutionizing Manufacturing. Advancing Medicine. NTC proprietary Nanoplasmid vector and HyperGRO manufacturing platforms offer a wide range of applications that improve the safety and performance of plasmids and biologics.

The Nanoplasmid vector technology provides significant advantages over other earlier generation plasmid DNA backbones and selection methods. The Nanoplasmid vector can be utilized in both direct and indirect applications. Combining advantages of antibiotic-free selection and high transgene expression, the vector is suited for a variety of gene therapy applications

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Increase your YIELD

Increase your YIELD

Discover why HyperGRO is the ideal fermentation process for vaccines and gene therapeutics

Yield Comparison, typical vs HyperGRO

Shake Flask
Typical Fermentation
HyperGRO™ fed-batch (low copy plasmids)
HyperGRO™ fed-batch (pUC plasmids and Nanoplasmids)

Yields can reach up to 3,500 mg/L

The HyperGRO fermentation unit operation is a plug and play platform. Simply swap into existing manufacturing processes to improve manufacturing yield and quality.

  • High plasmid yields
    Yields of 1 g/L common with typical pUC plasmids, up to 3.5 g pDNA/L with NTC vectors

  • High specific plasmid yields
    Up to 25 mg/L/OD600, 50 mg pDNA/g DCW (5% of total)

  • High productivity: up to 50 mg/L/hour

  • Low metabolic burden processimproved production with unstable & toxic plasmids

  • REVIVER host strain for AAV ITR vector stabilization and high yield fermentation
  • Compatible with NTC’s antibiotic-free sucrose selection and Nanoplasmid vectors
  • Scaled to 100 L & 320 L GMP production at >1 g/L

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REVIVER is a more stable, higher yielding E. coli host for AAV ITR plasmids

Highly Stable

High Yielding

Yield of an AAV ITR plasmid in REVIVER™ vs Stbl3 in HyperGRO™ fermentation

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