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A Higher Level of Service

From custom cloning of Nanoplasmid vectors, small and large scale research-grade plasmid manufacturing, or HyperGRO production of plasmid-enriched E. coli paste at NTC for downstream processing in your own facility, all the way to technology transfer of our HyperGRO platform, and more, our services help you achieve best-in-class performance.

DNA Manufacturing

With higher yields, quality and a host of other benefits, we take plasmid and  Nanoplasmid DNA manufacturing to the next level.

Vector Retrofit

NTC’s antibiotic marker-free Nanoplasmids can easily replace conventional plasmids, minicircles, doggy bones, etc., for use with all major therapeutic vector groups. The Nanoplasmid backbone has profound beneficial effects on performance (expression levels and duration).

Other Services

Would you like to evaluate the yield of your own plasmid in our HyperGRO fed-batch fermentation process or need plasmid containing cell paste for your own in-house purification? We can help. .

HyperGRO Makes it Possible

Nature Technology’s patented HyperGRO plasmid DNA manufacturing platform is an advanced,
fed-batched, growth restricted process that utilizes a temperature shift to reach record high yields of up to 3.5 g/L.
A cost-effective path to high quality, supercoiled plasmid and Nanoplasmid DNA.

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