Increased yield, quality and productivity–HyperGRO makes it possible.

Nature Technology’s proprietary HyperGRO plasmid DNA manufacturing platform is an advanced, fed-batch, nutrient-limited process that utilizes a temperature shift to reach record high yields of up to 3.5 g/L. The HyperGRO platform host strains and process show significant improvement on vector yield, quality, and transgene expression. Nanoplasmid and RNA-OUT specific strains improve replication of DNA vectors and provide scalable high yield manufacturing using HyperGRO. The REVIVER strain for stable production of ITR and large palindrome-containing plasmids provides stabilization and high yield manufacturing benefits for AAV ITR vectors. The HyperGRO platform has been utilized by multiple CMOs and pharmaceutical companies for clinical and commercial production.

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Small Scale
Large Scale
Research Grade

Production of highly-purified research-grade plasmid DNA at NTC’s Lincoln, Nebraska, USA plant range from 1mg to multi-gram scale, and production capabilities for GMP-grade DNA at NTC’s CMO partners range from a hundred milligrams upward.

Our low metabolic-burden cell banking and fed-batch process produces higher specific and volumetric yield than typical batch and fed-batch processes: Up to 3.5 g/L plasmid yield with optimized NTC vectors.

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