Four recent clinical research organization (CRO) acquisitions and mergers have indicated a growing trend among biotech manufacturing companies. Charles River acquired Cognate Bioservices, Catalent Paragon acquired Delphi, WuXi Advanced Therapies acquired Oxgene, and Wacker Biotech acquired Genopsis.

These acquisitions and subsequent mergers will allow these biotech corporations to provide their clients with integrated solutions that take the manufacturing process all the way from research and development through CGMP production. By combining resources and upgrading facilities, these organizations are looking to become “one-stop shops” that allow them to offer end-to-end support in the creation and development of cell and gene therapy.

“Cell and gene therapy production is complex, and most developers prefer to use experienced partners with an integrated offering across the supply chain,” said Manja Boerman, PhD, President, Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy. “By providing these capabilities, we will help our partners improve processes and reduce timelines as they bring their life-changing therapies to patients,” she continued.

Dr. Ryan Cawood, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OXGENE, echoed the sentiment that combining offerings will lead to more complete, streamlined offerings for clients. “We are excited to join the team at WuXi ATU and to work together to scale up our technologies as a combined business, which will strengthen and broaden our service offerings for customers, improving by orders of magnitude the scale and cost of bringing cell and gene therapies to market. The benefits will be significant for the industry and for patients worldwide,” he said.

More and more CROs are looking to streamline processes, offer end-to-end manufacturing capabilities, and scale production to meet clients’ needs, and these acquisitions will allow their respective facilities and capabilities to offer more complete, streamlined processes to their industries.