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Enabling Endless Possibilities

Enabling Endless Possibilities

The Nature Technology Story

As a leading developer and provider of non-viral vectors, technologies and services for advancing gene and cell therapy and immunotherapy, our mission is to improve the effectiveness, safety, availability and economy of gene based medicines, and our goal is to aid in the discovery and dissemination of improvements for the benefit of our industry partners and ultimately the patients we all serve.

We provide a development pipeline, platform, and process – from conception to delivery – for a wide variety of preventive and therapeutic gene based medicines.

Our technologies are applicable to a broad range of therapeutic products, including: DNA vaccination, allergy immunotherapy, passive immunotherapy, reverse vaccination, stem cell therapies, adoptive immunotherapy, personalized medicines, viral vector production, orphan drugs, regenerative medicines, cancer therapy, gene replacement therapies, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune disorders gene silencing therapeutics, and more.

Since our founding in 1998 by a small group of researchers led by former CEO and founder, Dr. Clague Hodgson and inventor and CSO, Dr. Jim Williams, and Aaron Carnes, VP of Manufacturing, Nature Technology has been at the forefront of genetic non-viral vector technology. And now, with the addition of Deborah Moorad as CEO, that same commitment toward maximizing the promise and potential of nucleic acid-based drugs grows even stronger.

Revolutionizing non-viral vector technology, one breakthrough after another.

Today, Nature Technology is redefining what’s possible in genetic engineering, cell therapy and immunotherapy.

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