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Deborah Moorad shares her insights on Nature Technology’s products and services, the industry and the future of genetic engineering.

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The Nanoplasmid (RNA-OUT selectable marker plus R6K origin) replaces antibiotics with sucrose selection, and replaces the promiscuous pUC origin with the host-restricted R6K one. It is regulatory compliant and smaller in size (<500 bp) than conventional marker/ORIs.

Revolutionizing non-viral vector technology, one breakthrough after another. Today, Nature Technology is redefining what’s possible in genetic engineering, cell therapy and immunotherapy.

In the DNA manufacturing process, we will transform client plasmid into a production host. We create a glycerol stock cell bank using “low metabolic burden technology”; this cell bank is maintained at NTC at no additional fee for additional future orders of the same plasmid.

The REVIVER™ host strains are engineered specifically for stable, high quality production of ITR and large palindrome-containing plasmids.
The REVIVER™ is used for traditional plasmid vectors (e.g. pUC origin) and the REVIVER-NP is used with Nanoplasmid™ vectors.

The Nanoplasmid Enhances DNA Vaccines for Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus and Ebola Virus
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