2015 Publications

Vector optimization and needle-free intradermal application of a broadly protective polyvalent influenza A DNA vaccine for pigs and humans

Borggrena M, Nielsena J, Bragstada K, Karlssona I, Jesper S. Krog JS, Williams  JA, Fomsgaardad A  DOI:10.1080/21645515.2015.1011987


2014 Publications



A Noncytolytic Alpha Toxin Recombinant Protein Protects Turkeys Against Clostridium Septicum Challenge
Lancto CA, Foster LK, Kromm MM, McComb B, Williams JA, Luke J, Carnes A, Hodgson CP, Foster DN, (2014), Avian Diseases 58: 566-571.

Improving DNA Vaccine Performance Through Vector Design
Williams, J.A. (2014) Current Gene Ther. 14:170-189.

Plasmid Fermentation Process for DNA Immunization Applications

Carnes AE, Williams JA, Process for DNA Immunization Applications, in:
Monica Rinaldi et al. (eds.), DNA Vaccines: Methods and Protocols, Methods
in Molecular Biology, vol. 1143, p197-217, Springer Science+Business Media

New York.


Development of Antibiotic-free Selection System for Safer DNA

Luke JM, Carnes AE, Williams JA, Development of Antibiotic-Free Selection
System for Safer DNA Vaccination, in: Monica Rinaldi et al. (eds.), DNA
Vaccines: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1143,
p 91-111, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Strengthening the Skin with Topical Delivery of Keratinocyte Growth Factor-1 using a Novel DNA Plasmid.

Dou C1, Lay F2, Ansari AM2, Rees DJ2, Ahmed AK2, Kovbasnjuk O3, Matsangos AE2, Du J2, Hosseini SM2, Steenbergen C4, Fox-Talbot K4, Tabor AT5, Williams JA6, Liu L2, Marti GP2, Harmon JW2., Mol Ther. 2014 Apr;22(4):752-61. doi: 10.1038/mt.2014.2. Epub 2014 Jan 17.

2013 Publications


Antibiotic-free Production of a Herpes Simplex Virus 2 DNA Vaccine in a High Yield cGMP Process.
Jared Nelson, Stephen Rodriguez, Neil Finlayson, Jim Williams and Aaron Carnes, (2013), Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics (2013), 9:10, 2211–2215.


Vector Design for Improved DNA Vaccine Efficacy, Safety, and Production

Williams, J.A., Vaccines (2013) (1) 225-249.

2011 Publications


Plasmid DNA Fermentation Strain and Process-Specific Effects on Vector Yield, Quality and Transgene Expression

Carnes, A.E., Luke, J.M., Vincent, J.M., Schukar, A., Anderson, S., Hodgson, C.P., Williams, J.A. Biotechnol. Bioeng. (2011). Feb;108(2):354-63.


Vector Insert-Targeted Integrative Antisense Expression System  for Plasmid Stabilization

Luke, J.M., Carnes, A.E., Hodgson, C.P., Williams, J.A. Mol. Biotechnol. (2011). 47(1):43-9.


Coexpressed RIG-I Agonist Enhances Humoral Immune Response to Influenza DNA Vaccine

Luke, J.M., Simon, G.G., Soderholm, J., Errett, J.S., August, J.T., Gale, J., Hodgson, C.P., Williams, J.A. (2011). J. Virol. 85:1370-83.


Thermostable Tag (TST) Protein Expression System: Engineering Thermo-tolerant Recombinant Proteins and Vaccines

Luke, J., Carnes, A.E., Sun, P., Hodgson, C.P., Waugh, D.S., and Williams, J.A., (2011). J. Biotechnol., 151:242-50.


Improved Antibiotic-free Plasmid Vector Design by Incorporation of Transient Expression Enhancers

Luke, J., Vincent, J.M., Du, S.X., Whalen, B., Leen, A., Hodgson, C.P., and Williams, J.A.. Gene Ther.18:334-343 (2011)

2010 Publications


Critical Design Criteria for Minimal Antibiotic-free Plasmid Vectors Necessary to Combine Robust RNA Pol II and Pol III-Mediated Eukaryotic Expression with High Bacterial Production  Yields

Carnes, A.E., Luke, J.M., Vincent, J.M., Anderson, S., Schukar, A, Hodgson, C.P., and Williams, J.A. J. Gene Medicine, (12(10):818-31).

2009 Publications


Plasmid DNA Production Combining Antibiotic-free Selection, Inducible High Yield Fermentation, and Novel Autolytic Purification

Carnes, AE, Hodgson, CP, Luke, JM, Vincent, JM, Williams, JA, Biotechnol. Bioeng. 104:505-515 (2009)


Strain Engineering by Genome Mass Transfer: Efficient Chromosomal Trait Transfer Method Utilizing Donor Genomic DNA and Recipient Recombineering Hosts

Williams, JA, Luke, J, Hodgson, CP, Mol. Biotechnol. (2009) 43:41-51


Improved Antibiotic-free DNA Vaccine Vectors Utilizing a Novel RNA Based Plasmid Selection System

Luke J, Carnes AE, Hodgson CP, Williams JA. Vaccine 27(46):6454-9.(2009)


Generic Plasmid DNA Production Platform Incorporating Low Metabolic Burden Seed-stock and Fed-batch Fermentation Processes

James A Williams *, Jeremy Luke, Sarah Langtry, Sheryl Anderson, Clague P Hodgson, Aaron E Carnes, Nature Technology Corporation, Lincoln, NE, USA. Biotechnol. Bioeng. (2009) 103:1129-1143


Low Metabolic Burden Plasmid Production

Carnes AE, Williams JA, Gen Eng. Biotech News, (2009) 29:56-57


Plasmid DNA Vaccine Vector Design; Impact on Efficacy, Safety and Upstream Production

Williams, J.A., Carnes, A.E., and Hodgson, C.P. (2009). Biotechnology Advances. (2009) 27:35-370


Rapid Process Development for High Yielding Plasmid DNA Fed-batch Fermentation

Williams, J.A., Hodgson, C.P., and Carnes, A.E. (2009).BioPharm International 22(11):46-51

2007 Publications


Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Technology Review

Carnes, A., Williams, J., (2007) Current Patents on Biotechnol. 1(2):151-166.C

2006 Publications


pDNAVACCUltra Vector Family: High Throughput Intracellular Targeting DNA Vaccine Plasmids

James A Williams, Jeremy Luke, Lance Johnson, Clague Hodgson, (2006) Vaccine 24:4671-4676




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