• Custom Recombinant Proteins

    Custom Recombinant Proteins

    Recombinant Proteins:pVEX expression vector for TST protein production, custom.

    pVEX™ E. coli Expression Vectors

    Gel = NTC developed TLR5 receptor agonist TST-Flagellin. lane 1 = uninduced total protein, lane 2 = induced total protein, lane 3 = uninduced soluble protein, lane 4 = induced soluble protein, lane 5 = induced total protein (large scale fermentation harvest), lane 6 = induced soluble protein (large scale fermentation harvest), lane 7 = induced soluble protein after 75ºC 40 min heat treatment (large scale fermentation harvest), M= Marker

    NTC pVEX™ Advantages:

    • Highest yield recombinant Protein Production (up to 20g/L)

    • Vaccine Antigen Production

    • Native or Tagged Proteins

    • Thermostable Tag (TST)

          -Thermostable Antigen

          -Thermostable Adjuvant

    • C-tag Stability/Solubility

    • Broad Increased Temperature IPTG Inducible Promoter

    • Defined Media Fermentation

    • Fluorescent Protein Production (Correct Folding)

    • KanR or AmpR Selection

    • Simultaneous Cloning

    • High Throughput Type IIS Restriction Enzyme Cloning

    96 well plate fluorescent proteins
    Pyrococcus furiosus MBP-HA2 is an effective immunogen

    NTC makes custom recombinant fluorescent proteins for flow cytometry and labelling applications.


  • Thermostable Protein Expression


     • Thermostable TAG (TST) (maltodextrin binding protein, MBP)

     • N-terminal HN affinity tag

     • C-terminal K6EE stability/solubility tag

     • Inducible Tac promoter

     • Optimized mRNA leader

     • LacIQ repressor

     • Thermostable vaccine component

       - Flagellin Adjuvant

       - Infuenza Antigen


    NTC protein expression vectors

    Thermostable Protein Expression

  • Fluorescent Proteins

    Fluorescent Proteins

    NTC is a leading industrial supplier of highest quality, economical, fluorescent recombinant proteins, which are increasingly needed for:

    • flow cytometry

    • confocal microscopy

    • laser scanning microscopy

    • immunoconjugates, etc.

    • biosensor molecules



    NTC has devised a unique overall approach to recombinant protein production, which involves careful consideration of design elements and processing steps affecting the product. The result is a superb product: pure, stable, and highly active, manufactured using NTC's pVEX™ E. coli recombinant system (vectors, strains, and processes).

    NTC makes custom recombinant fluorescent proteins for flow cytometry and labelling applications.


    E. coli fermentation using pVEX, and purified fluorescent proteins.
    Fluorescent proteins seen under the Dark Reader

    pVEX™ fluorescent proteins expressed in a leaky strain illustrate potential 20 g/l production

  • HYPERTAQ™ - TAQ DNA Polymerase

    HYPERTAQ™ - TAQ DNA Polymerase

    NTC has at last the perfect, highest quality, bulk concentration, DNA polymerase enzyme for use in thermocycling applications, such as:


    • Bulk DNA production ex vivo

    • Wholesale marketing

    • Microbial contaminant (23S) sampling

    10,000 Units (50 U/µl )$790.00

    Fig. 1

    HyperTAQ is a highly active thermostable DNA polymerase for PCR.

    Figure 2. HyperTAQ™ DNA polymerase was compared to Taq DNA polymerase from competitors (0.5 U Taq DNA polymerase) in amplifying E. coli 23S rRNA DNA template. (+), DNA added; (–), no DNA added; (M), 1 kb DNA ladder.


    Fig. 2

    Absence of 23S contamination in HyperTAQ DNA Polymerase

    Figure 3. HyperTAQ™ DNA polymerase (5 Units) was tested against DNA-free water for presence of E. coli gDNA contamination in qPCR using 23S primers. Standard curve with serial dilution (5,000pg, 500pg, 50pg, 5pg, 0.5pg), R2 = 1.000.

    HyperTAQ™ is a highly-active, DNA-free, recombinant Taq DNA polymerase enzyme, designed to provide robust, reliable and economical performance under a variety of conditions.


    HyperTAQ™ out performs the major industry-provider Taq enzymes (Fig. 1, 2), and has zero detectable background E. coli DNA, as illustrated by sensitive qPCR (Fig. 3, same as DNA-free water). HyperTAQ™ is available either as concentrated (30-50U/ µl) or standard concentration (5U/µl) enzyme.



    qPCR shows that HyperTAQ DNA polymerase is truly DNA-free.

    Fig. 3

    Plasmid DNA Fermentation Strain and Process-Specific Effects on Vector Yield, Quality and Transgene Expression,

    Carnes, A.E., Luke, J.M., Vincent, J.M., Schukar, A., Anderson, S., Hodgson, C.P., Williams, J.A. Biotechnol. Bioeng. (2011). Feb;108(2):354-63.


    Plasmid DNA production combining antibiotic-free selection, inducible high yield fermentation, and novel autolytic purification,

    Carnes, AE, Hodgson, CP, Luke, JM, Vincent, JM, Williams, JA, Biotechnol. Bioeng. 104:505-515 (2009)


    Generic plasmid DNA production platform incorporating low metabolic burden seed-stock and fed-batch fermentation processes,

    James A Williams *, Jeremy Luke, Sarah Langtry, Sheryl Anderson, Clague P Hodgson, Aaron E Carnes, Nature Technology Corporation, Lincoln, NE, USA. Biotechnol. Bioeng. (2009) 103:1129-1143


    Rapid process development for high yielding plasmid DNA fed-batch fermentation,

    Williams, J.A., Hodgson, C.P., and Carnes, A.E. (2009).BioPharm International 22(11):46-51


    Inducible Escherichia coli fermentation for increased plasmid DNA production,

    Carnes AE, Hodgson CP, Williams, JA. (2006) Biotechnol. Appl. Biochem. 45:155-166.




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