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Management Team

NTC's Chief Scientific Officer & VP, R&D
NTC founder and President

Clague P. Hodgson, Ph.D.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Clague Hodgson, NTC’s founder brings 30 years experience in basic and applied genetics research and lab management.  Clague previously held faculty positions at Creighton University School of Medicine and The Ohio State University. He was trained at the University of Minnesota (undergraduate and graduate), and at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine (Ph.D.), with postdoctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine. He has published numerous scientific articles, book chapters, patents, and a book on gene therapy.

Jim Williams, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Vice President for Research and Development

Jim Williams, Ph.D., Joined NTC as Lead Scientist and VP, Research and Development, in August, 2002.  Jim’s expertise includes regulatory affairs, quality, molecular genetics, fermentation, and protein expression systems. Jim previously held key management and scientific positions at Restoragen (1997-2002) and at Ophidian Pharmaceuticals.  Jim received his Ph.D. in genetics (University of Alberta), and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Wisconsin.

Aaron Carnes, B.Sc.Ch.

Director Process Development

Plasmid Fermentation

Aaron Carnes is a chemical engineer focusing on process development in the fields of fermentation and purification for high yield DNA production. Aaron has worked at NTC for ten years and is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Colleen S. Nygren

Treasurer, financial services

Colleen Nygren is a graduate of the University of Nebraska School of Business. Colleen has worked in the accounting field for 20 years, with experience in brokerage, banking, and investment operations.

NTC's Director of Process Development

Kris Hodgson

Computer Graphics and Web Designer


Kris Hodgson is a co-founder of NTC and manages company websites, marketing, advertising, artwork, and electronic publications.

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