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Mission and Vision



Nature Technology Corporation (NTC) is a leading developer and provider of non-viral vectors, technologies and services for advancing gene and cell therapy and immunotherapy. The company’s beneficiaries are the scientists, clients, and patients that we serve.


Our mission is to improve the effectiveness, safety, availability and economy of gene based medicines, and to aid in the discovery and dissemination of improvements for the benefit of stakeholders. NTC’s strategic vision is to provide a development pipeline, platform, and process - from conception to delivery - of bespoke vector solutions for a wide variety of preventive and therapeutic gene based medicines.




NTC was established in 1998 by a small group of researchers led by Founder and CEO, Clague Hodgson, then a professor of biochemistry at Creighton Cancer Center, Creighton University School of Medicine, later Joined by: inventor and CSO, Dr. Jim Williams; bioengineer and VP of manufacturing, Aaron Carnes; and, by a growing staff of professionals in the biologics arts and sciences, and business..


Strategic Plan


After two decades of technological challenges and progress, gene and cell therapy is advancing into late stage clinical trials and commercialization. From DNA vaccines and immunotherapeutics to treatments for many inherited genetic disorders and cancer, we see the years of research finally paying off in the form of safety and efficacy in clinical trials, and large investments by pharma.


In order to meet the needs of the evolving industry, NTC has embarked on a strategic plan on multiple fronts:


1) Invention of superior vector products and technologies (over 20 issued US patents)


2) Provision of a wide range of vector services to the industry, including design, construction, manufacturing and technology transfer


3) Adaptation of the technologies to a broad range of therapeutic products, including: DNA Vaccination, Allergy Immunotherapy, Passive Immunotherapy, Reverse Vaccination, Stem Cell Therapies, Adoptive Immunotherapy, Personalized Medicines, Viral vector production, Orphan Drugs, Regenerative Medicines, Cancer Therapy, Gene Replacement Therapies, Diabetes mellitus, Autoimmune disorders and Gene silencing therapeutics, and


4) Partnering with biopharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop specific products in each of the identified therapeutic areas.


Our goal is to provide the bio industry with a one stop shop for gene based drug development: taking ideas and technologies from design and construction, and manufacturing, to success in the clinic.




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