• Precision Cloning Services

    Precision Cloning Services

    Cloning genes into optimized NTC plasmid vectors

    Precision Cloning is a streamlined process whereby NTC provides you with custom-finished DNA vaccine vectors, sequence-validated and ready for animal testing, in record time - a new weapon in the arsenal against infectious diseases, bioterrorism and cancer therapy.

    Vector Design:

    NTC scientists work with clients for design optimization

    Insert Choices:

    • Client Genes

    • External Sources

    • Optimized Synthetic Genes


    Vector Choices:

    • Optimized NTC DNA Vaccine Vectors

    • Optimized NTC Therapeutic Gene Vectors


    Technology Advantages:

    • Vectors optimized for: speed (4-5 weeks typical turnaround times); economy ($440 typical cost per antigen, includes sequencing inserts), regulatory compliance (Points to Consider); optimal prokaryotic plasmid yield; optimal mammalian transient expression; choice of markerless (antibiotic-free) or KanR; immunogenicity.

    • Technology Options: targeting, dcm methyla-ion (+/-), RIG-1 activation (interferon)


    Clone Validation:

    Fully sequenced inserts and junctions


    Plasmid DNA Manufacturing:

    Highly purified, endotoxin-free, research grade pDNA

    • Small Scale: 1-99mg

    • Large Scale: 100mg-Kg

    • (HyperGRO™) Fermentation, highest attainable yields and purity)


    GMP Manufacturing:

    Technology Transfer from NTC to CROs, and/or client facilities

    These are the three vectors we like to suggest for.... ?

  • Improving DNA Vaccine Performance Through Vector Design
    Williams, J.A. (2014)
     Current Gene Ther. 14:170-189.



  • Plasmid Detox Services

    Plasmid Detox strain engineering for improved yields of toxic plasmids

    Plasmid yields in fermentation culture typically range up to 2.6g/L, or more, depending on the type of plasmid, its origin of replication, the host strain, and whether or not it is toxic to the host cell.  Some genes are toxic to E. coli, making it difficult to grow the quantities needed, and resulting in mutations and deletions.


    NTC has devised a novel and economical strain engineering service, wherein the host strain chromosome of E. coli is modified to include a gene that is expressed as antisense to the plasmid-encoded toxic gene (1). Elimination of the toxic gene products allows the plasmid to be grown to the high levels needed for producing larger quantities of plasmid.


    •   Easy – NTC’s Detox shuttle makes it fast and simple to knock down expression of toxic genes in E. coli during plasmid DNA production

    •   Economical - $1,374 includes: vector; cloning; strain engineering; and testing

    •   Effective – 10 fold, or more, improvement in plasmid yield is often possibleNTC’s shuttle for E. coli engineering

    Plasmid Detox Advantages:


    1) Vector Insert-Targeted Integrative Antisense Expression System  for Plasmid Stabilization,  Luke, J., Carnes, A.E., Hodgson, C.P., and Williams, J.A. (2010)  Mol Biotechnol. Epub

    An NTC strain engineering service for improving yields of toxic plasmids.

    Plasmid Detox Services

  • Contract QC Pricing

    Contract QC Pricing



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