HyperGRO Fermentation

Improved DNA manufacturing


NTC’s patented HyperGRO fermentation process and media has produced record pDNA yields of up to 3.5 g/L, and typically produce 0.5-1.5g/L using a high copy pUC, R6K, or similar origin, and a recA-, relA-, endA- host strain, such as DH5 alpha. Highly concentrated HyperGRO plasmid preparations naturally result in cleaner, more highly-purified DNA (due to dramatically reduced biomass), and more cost-effective production as well. more....




Viral Vector Retrofits

Including: AAV, Lenti, Retrovirus, Helper Vectors & Transposons

NTC’s "antibiotic free" Nanoplasmids are easily substituted for conventional plasmids, minicircles, doggy bones, etc., for use with all major therapeutic vector groups. The Nanoplasmid backbone has profound and unexpected beneficial effects on performance (expression levels and duration). The Nanoplasmid is now available for use in all major viral vector groups...more



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Biologics by design



The “Keystone”

to success in

gene therapy

Nanoplasmids™, Non-viral vectors

Improved in vivo expression, duration, safety, economy, and

ease of use.


The Nanoplasmid is a dramatically improved Key Cassette (<500 bp), designed to replace the antiquated bacterial backbones that have for decades been the industry standard in DNA vectors. It is perfect for gene and cell therapeutics, DNA vaccines, immunotherapeutics...more

Nanoplasmids™ Project Development Timeline

Start to finish: about 4 weeks

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