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Viral Vector Retrofits

DNA Manufacturing

Nanoplasmids, Non-viral vectors

Improved in vivo expression, duration, safety, economy, and ease of use.


The Nanoplasmid (less than 500bp) has proven to be an ideal vector for both indirect use (as for viral vector and transposon manufacturing) and for direct use, as an effective, safe, and economical one for gene- and immuno-therapy and manufacturing… (more)



The “Keystone”

to success in

gene therapy

Nanoplasmids Project Development Timeline

Start to finish: about 4 weeks

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Viral Vector Retrofits

Including: AAV, Lenti, Retrovirus,

Helper Vectors & Transposons


NTC’s "antibiotic free" Nanoplasmids are easily substituted for conventional plasmids, minicircles, doggy bones, etc., for use with all major therapeutic vector groups. The Nanoplasmid backbone has profound and unexpected beneficial effects on performance (expression levels and duration). The Nanoplasmid is now available for use in all major viral vector groups...more



HyperGRO Fermentation

Improved DNA manufacturing


NTC’s HyperGRO plasmid DNA fermentation process is an advanced, fed-batch, growth restricted one that uses a temperature shift to reach record yields of up to 3.5g/L, a cost-effective path to highly purified, supercoiled DNA that is suitable for use in humans. more....